Who am I, anyway?

So, I'm Mel.  I'm just a girl with a camera, who has taken half her life, nearly 20 years and many side roads, to finally start her own photography business.  My passion began in high school, with my dad's then-new 35 mm film canon.  Some of those first images are still my favorite.  Then, I was very young, enthusiastic, idealistic.  Fast forward years of college, marriage, kids and I am while I am still enthusiastic, I am less young and more willing to accept my mistakes and see them as beautiful.  I'm a wife, a mom, a photographer, a creator.  I love to photograph people because they are all such very unique creations and I try in my own way to capture a moment of time in their lives so they and their loved ones can remember and smile.

I enjoy working with families, kids, babies and seniors.  I also shoot the occasional wedding or event, so give me a call with any special requests.